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Why this shop is here. I've been thinking about how I can help my mum and the farm turn a profit. It's not easy. You can watch my first video "What does Ru actually do?" here, and then the second video "Struggling on with a smile" here if you'd like to learn more.

Ru, I need you to help me sell a cow!

In classic “mum” fashion – I got a call that started this whole thing off.

That’s why we have a shop page here today.

The call wen’t like this:

“Ru, you know you wanted to help me this year…"

“I need you to sell a cow."

When I said I wanted to help… I have a process first. I like to find out all the facts; see what others are doing; and mull things over with a coffee. I should have known that the farm also has a process, and that’s not how mum likes to work.

Thankfully limitations can make creative jobs easier. A clean slate is good, but sometimes it’s also nice to work with some pressures and constraints. My mum gave me a week to sell 10 boxes of the farms finest beef.

Selling the cow

So I decided to send an email to a few of our subscribers that like our videos within 50 miles of the farm. The algorithm was far from perfect, a few responses came from Australia (sorry about that);

If I lived in Blighty, I would! But I’m a resident of your former colony on the other side of the Atlantic.

and a few hilarious responses from some vegetarian friends (extra sorry about that);

I’ve been a veggie for 30 odd years and for most of that time it was a novelty, especially as I’m from farming stock in a small farming community, working with a beef herd - Herefords - and sheep.

But lots of positive responses came in too and in one evening, my computer and I made more progress helping my mum, than I’d managed in the last 3 years of work experience. It was a total success and I had a great evening sending emails – not sure mum would have enjoyed that part as much as me.

I sold all of my boxes, and I’m pretty sure mum could have sold a lot more too.

So that’s what this page is for.

There’s plenty of Australians and vegetarians that don’t want emails about meat, that’s totally understandable because it doesn’t make any sense. But there’s also plenty of people that – as it turns out – would like emails of this nature.

For example:

Please keep my on the mailing list as we may decide to buy a second freezer this year!

If you’d like to be included in the emails I send out, then please signup above. I’ll send a quick email every time mum feels something is ready.

Speak soon, Ru