What does Ru actually do?

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A lot of people ask me questions about my mum, and I don’t blame them. She’s a very interesting lady.

Where does she get her energy from? Is she always like that? Why doesn’t she just buy a bale squeezer… But I recently found out that people keep asking her a question about me…

What does Ru actually do?

Which made me smile, then it made me think.

The truth is, it’s a mystery even to my own mother because every time she’s asked, her answer is the same

Because with all this prancing about All these questions asked

It’s a job to know, what on earth it’s got to do with what I’m supposed to be doing…

How the farm and I arrived here

In 2017 I started filming my mum on the farm and farming has become a great contrast to what I do day to day:

  • It’s a breath of fresh air
  • It’s physical work
  • And Every day you spend with the animals, with the land, you’re making a difference. guaranteed.

Sometimes it’s nice not to have to think too much and just get stuck in… Or in more poetic terms:

No race can prosper until it learns there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem. Booker T Washington

I don’t think anyone ever knows what they’re supposed to be doing

Most of the time we fall into something, or something falls into place and that’s something I’ve started to realise.

I fell back to the farm back in 2018 and It is how I’m making a difference now

The problem is that our family Farm doesn’t make any money

Not enough for mum and certainly not enough for me too. My mum works so hard - everyday – and the farm really struggles to make ends meet and the videos don’t make a penny either.

Just like mum, we do it For the love of it all. It is very lovable, and we are very lucky.

But the farm should be able to turn a profit, because if it can’t what does that say about the future of small family farms here in the UK.

I’m hoping this year to spend more of my time with the family business, understanding what’s broken and bringing all the skills I have to the table.

Not so I can fall over everyday or film every moment… But so that I can feel more connected to where I’m from and you can feel more connected to farming here in the UK.

So what can I bring to the table?

Well for the past 10 years I’ve been helping businesses online with digital marketing.

That’s what I do and I figure it’s about time that I focus on me and my mum… for a change.

In 2021, I’ll start on my journey to help our family farm make more from its produce

  • to champion why small farms are so important
  • to connect our farm to local people
  • to show you where our produce is from

I can’t promise it’ll be quick, but I can promise to share what we learn along the way. Working with the farm online and in person… with these farm thoughts and throrugh our podcast.

It’s good to know, what on earth this has got to do with what I’m supposed to be doing…

To start us off, I’ve made this website … our new home on the internet.

It’s not much at the moment, but if you’re keen to see what I can do, then have a look around. I’ll be sending out emails, behind the scenes info, and you’ll see our progress first hand.

Thanks + see you soon.