Tommy's Tiny Piglets

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Tommy’s parcel of Tamworth Piglets

If you’ve been following along with our podcast, then you’ll know about the new piglets. They’re a curious, skitty and ultimately beautiful addition to the farm – and it’s incredible how many piglets arrive at once!

A sow can have two litters of pigs a year, with an average litter size of 7.5 pigs – but it’s not uncommon for a sow to have 12-14 piglets in 1 litter.

In 15 days mum has gained 15 piglets. Ginny with 5 piglets and Gloria with 10. Compared to cattle and sheep, it still blows my mind how quickly pigs multiply.

Thought from me and the podcast

We can all get stuck thinking things matter, when they don’t.

But as a farmer, loads of things actually matter.

  • A sheep is stuck in the hedge.
  • Your tractor won’t start so you can’t feed the cows.
  • The weather is so wet you can’t harvest the crops.

All the time – every morning through every season. You’re responsible. You’re on call.

So how do you:

  1. remember that other things also matter?
  2. pause and reflect that those other things may even matter more?

Like your relationships, your family, your health.

I stumbled across this amazing take from @wildmanheather a few weeks ago, and I just had to get my mum’s view on our monthly podcast.

I was worried how it might be taken because as you’ll see “it’s very close to the knuckle”, but her reaction was utterly brilliant, honest and brave. I love that about my mum, and I hope her reaction adds to the discussion and exposure so we can keep having more conversations like this… with more people.

I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday and if you’re feeling inspired – please share this moment with others.

If you have anything to add, then I’d love to hear from you in the comments – what’s new in your life? What matters to you?

Lots of love from Ru + the farm.