Buying meat directly from our Farm

Part of my Farm Newsletter sent on the

Buying meat directly from our Farm

Sent to local people in Buckinghamshire

An unorthodox question for you – would you be interested in buying a box of our finest beef directly from my mum and the farm?

I have been given a very limited supply of 10 beef boxes to sell. I’ve never done this before.

The Backstory

In classic “mum” fashion – I got a call yesterday:

“Ru, you know you wanted to help me this year…”
“I need you to sell a cow.”

When I said I wanted to help… I have a process first. I like to find out all the facts; see what others are doing; and mull things over with a coffee. I should have known that the farm also has a process, and that’s not how mum likes to work.

So that’s why there’s now a Farm Shop page. For those interested in buying meat directly from our farm in Buckinghamshire, and would like to receive emails about that.

Just so we keep the stories, and videos separate.