March Many Weathers

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Relax with the farm for 60 seconds.

Yesterday was mum’s birthday, so that’s the first thing on the agenda this week.

Happy Birthday mum!

There have been lots of new healthy calves, and mum is about to start lambing – it’s a great time of year. Long days, late nights but a lot to love!

Mum mentioned ‘march many weathers’ on our podcast together. I’d never heard it before, but we’ve certainly had that sort of March here. Rain, hail, wind, mist, blinding sunshine – all in one day!

Spring is coming, but the winter weather occasionally sneaks through, making for a month of surprises and variety.

Thanks for being with us on the farm, and I’ll speak to you soon!


P.s. When going through some old footage, I also thought you might enjoy this video from the archives. A brief monologue about the wonky tonk driveway. Perhaps one day we might be able to do something about it.