An introduction to British Farming

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Oh my goodness.

This all started back in 2018, when me (Rufus) and my friends Josh decided we should film my mum on the farm.

Living in London, it was amazing how few people close to us really understood or cared to know about British Farming. It wasn’t a glamorous topic, it wasn’t a particularly discoverable topic – and it certainly felt very closed for people. I became a source of knowledge, the ‘farmer’ within friendship circles. Which is pretty laughable to anyone who’s actually as farmer.

Which is the premise of the show – here’s the little intro video that we created.

Sometimes you don’t have to be the biggest or the best to tell a great story – you just have to see the beauty in what you have.

Rufus + Josh on What’s the Point? Epsisode.

I would spend some time away from the city each month, to delve into a topic I’ve never fully immersed into – I mean – I’ve been around farming for my whole life. But I’ve never spent time helping out voluntarily.

So aimed with my super duper talented film friends Josh and James; all the cameras and equipment @ FLANK; and as many old clothes as I could fit on. We got started in January of that year, and set out to show the farm over the course of the following 12 months.

There wasn’t much of an agenda, just an ambition to introduce more people to the industry – who didn’t know much about it.

The farm itself is set between Oxford and Milton Keynes, and is made up of around 150 acres of permanent pasture.

Not the biggest farm, or the prettiest.

What’s been so successful about the series, is the setting itself. The farm isn’t anything special – there are 000’s like it dotted around the countryside here in the UK. We’re blessed for that!

What’s amazing though, is how special it’s always been to mum and to me – and how special it’s become to our people around the world.

Just the beginning

So at the end of 2018, we didn’t want to stop making the videos – and our audience didn’t want us to either.

We decided to keep going, and we haven’t stopped since.

Going into 2020 we wanted to set ourselves some targets for making more content, and taking the project further than we’ve been able to before.

We need your help to keep going, and we’re asking everyone who’s interested in what our plans are – to subscribe to my newsletter, so we can send further information on what’s in store going forward.