How Lambing Starts

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Welcome to the complete barn experience, full to the rafters.

Last week I visited the farm to record the latest podcast – the barn was full to the rafters with old cows, pregnant ewes, and new lambs.

You can watch the latest podcast here.

Given I’ve spent quite a few years now following mum and the farm, it’s funny to me that I never noticed our farm “lambs late”… Strategically of course! Mum prefers the more predictable weather in April. Warmer, less rain, less chance of complications.

That’s something we chatted about on the podcast, but unfortunately the climate didn’t get the memo / reflect the message. It was cold, wet and I was very glad to be under the new barn roof!

All I had was my phone to grab some quick video but I love that it’s perfectly reflective of that 30 mins taking shelter. Ewes breathing heavy, lambs springing around, new mums stomping their feet.

Lambing is a special time to whitness, and an intense time for mum. If you’ve watched previous videos about lambing, you’ll know what I mean:

It’s a favourite time of year for the farm – and clearly for me given all of the videos.

I hope you’ve had a great few weeks, and I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing mum well for the late nights and early mornings to come.

If you have any ideas or lambing topics you’d love to see covered then let me know in the comments / reply via email if you’re part of the list? I have a feeling that lambing at night could be an interesting video, and I’d love top hear what you think!

Speak soon, Ru