Haymaking rolled up in 2 minutes

Given it's been one of the hottest weeks here on the farm, I thought it'd be nice to show you what it's like on the tractors for haymaking.

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It’s been a hot week!

Aircon in England isn’t really a thing indoors (at least in my circles)… but it’s sleepless weeks like this that I’m reminded of how nice it’d be. Wow it’s been hot!

It also reminded of such a funny chat we had with mum on camera for our June video way back… So I dug out some of the old footage, added some new stuff too, and made a little taster of haymaking. Another simple video to transport you to the farm for a few minutes.

Keeping it short + sweet for the weekend. Going forward I’ll upload any mini videos like this to those new Facebook and Twitter accounts I mentioned.

Filming for our Summer Special

On Monday we had the whole team back at the farm again for this years summer video. Here’s a few photos that our amazing friend + photographer Hattie took. Aren’t they special!

Sheep keeping cool under the hedges The old reliable tractor out and about James filming cows in the field Sarah and Rufus rounding up the sheep Rufus on the silage bales