September Cows in the Fog

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Happy Sunday.

I hope you’ve had a great few weeks!

The farm was busy preparing for Bucks County Show. Mum doesn’t show any animals there, but does “a lot of chatting”. She also bakes a lot of cakes for my dad and his amazing customers - a tradition that’s lasted for as long as I can remember. You can watch this video to see what the county show looks like.

We sat down and chatted about the show, the animals and the barn for a podcast that’s coming out next Thursday (8th September). I’m looking forward to sharing it with you!

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A thought from me.

I read something yesterday which reinforced a lovely lesson I’ve found from my life around farming. Without realising it this has been instilled in how I think about progress in life + business.

Farmers don’t dig up their seeds to see if they’re growing. They keep doing the work preparing for the harvest.

It’s a simple thought. Be patient, be persistent and confidently prepare for the harvest.

1 moment from somewhere else.

Penine Way Beautiful Walk in the UK

I found this incredible image on Reddit, doesn’t it make you want to visit.

Speak soon, Ru