Come on Mrs

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I hope you’ve got off to a flying start this year!

Thanks for joining me on the farm this Sunday.

January isn’t a month I typically enjoy to the fullest - in the UK at least it tends to feel like a month of waiting: “Okay we’ve done the Christmas thing, let’s get this over with”.

Not a great way to look at 1/12 months. So I tried to start a few simple challenges. I thought I’d share one:

Tiny commitments, build more momentum, make bigger progress.

At 18 I ruined my ‘relationship’ with reading… (if you can call it that).

I would find non-fiction books or anything with a title similar to “Lessons in business”. I would flick through 15 pages, get bored and then let the dust slowly set in.

I did that a lot… I was better at buying the books, than I was at getting to chapter 2.

So I’ve tried to form a better habbit, with a little rule – read 1 page per night. I’ve ended up reading far more than that (~1 chapter per night).

Now… I still haven’t finished the book… but I also haven’t stopped my habbit.

Setting myself a task that was easier to achieve than fail, was maybe the little shift I needed in making a lasting change in the right direction. Maybe that can help the you makke a tiny change in a good direction too.

Next week

I’m off to the farm this week to film the next podcast, I’ve said to you enough how it’s all starting to come together – January was my best one yet.

I have also excitingly signed up a friend to help me with the audio experience next, so starting from the next episode – the episodes will be properly mixed, so they should look and sound better than ever. If you haven’t managed to listen to January’s yet – that’s fine, as you’re here I thought I’d give you a couple of links to some of my favourite parts from the last one (linked to timestamps):

Farm produce

This year I’m definitely going to put more energy into selling meat directly from the farm. A while ago I created a page on the website, and I’ve been blown away by how many local people want to hear from us – all through a simple email. I’m excited to package what I’ve learnt from my journey so far into something meaningful I can offer to local people.

Those plans are going to materialise most of all in Autumn, after my wedding (exciting!!).

I’m starting 2024 with so much momenum, and I hope this note has found you in a similar spot.

Loads of love from us all at the farm, Ru