Settle in for the night

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Join us down in the barn at night.

Welcome back to the farm for a quiet minute this Sunday.

The barn at night has a lovely feel to it. Conversations are typically drowned out by loud calls from the cows, but at night, it’s sleepy and atmospheric. At least that’s the perspective I found when walking around.

What do you think?

I spent some time this week at the farm for our monthly podcast, I’d love to find more ways to explore different topics with your help.

This time we spoke about lambing primarily because the barn is full and it’s hard to escape at the moment. New episode coming out next week.

Anyway… when writing this morning, I had a thought to ask about questions / topics from you. Perhaps new ideas, questions, memories, photos or videos. If you have any, then here’s a form that you can fill out to inspire us for next time.

Further afield

I’ve also been thinking about putting together a small series of videos about other small farms. Of course I’m passionate about our family farm, but what’s more inspiring – is the hundreds of others that exist like this.

Would love to hear from you in the comments.

Speak soon, Ru