Getting featured on BBC Countryfile

Part of my Farm Newsletter sent on the

We’re almost half way through our year on the farm, and things are really coming to life. British farming in May looks a lot nicer, less animals indoors, and more animals outside enjoying the sunshine. Who doesn’t want to see that.

It’s not easy on the animals to be inside for really long periods, and it’s certainly not easy on thee farmer either. So the sense of relief when they’re allowed out is clear to see.

How exciting is that. No one expected to have made it quite this far, each episode has received 000’s of views, and we’re growing all the time. It’s incredible exciting to see the progress we’re making and we’re so thankful to everyone for watching them and leaving us comments.

Filming on the farm

It was certainly the most picturesque month we’ve filmed, though the cows really managed to make it hard for us to enjoy to it’s full potential. I have to say, out of all of the farm animals – cows are my favourites. They’re so big, and cool and friendly (most of the time). Issues do arise though, and they didn’t exactly behave for the cameras.

Looking ahead to June

So we made a little thing out of some of the comments we’ve been left – and we’d love to make that a thing. Good, bad, or curious – we’ll be featuring comments on our videos going forward. To make sure we’re doing what we set out to do. To tell the story of what life is like on a small UK farm…

Until next month!