Haymaking and Shearing

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We’re halfway through our mini-series showcasing what life is like on a rural UK farm.

It’s been such a fun project to be a part of, and even more fun to work with mum on a monthly basis. Anyway, enough of that – here’s what happened in June.


In June we actually filmed twice, in the words of mum “you have to film shearing”. It’s such an amazing trade, and very interesting to watch. I’ve never held any negative connotations towards it, it gets so hot in the summer, and I can’t imagine being a sheep with a full fleece trying to stay cool.

Perhaps the most surprising part is the lack of value in the fleeces once the sheep are sheared. For such an incredible natural product you would have thought that you’d make more money from it, in fact – the sale of the fleeces only just about covers the cost of the shearers for the day.


We turned up again for a full day to admire the machinery harvesting the fields to make the hay and silage for winter. Josh and I noted that it was pretty crazy that whilst we’re planning where to go for a relaxing holiday, farmers across the country are thinking about the upcoming winter and how much fodder they’ll need to carry them through.

I don’t know how much mum thinks about that aspect, to her that’s the full circle of the year and that’s the job that needs to be done. For us, it seemed a little gloomy. Make hay whilst the sun shines I guess.

Anyway, thanks to everyone supporting these videos, they’re a pleasure to make because of all of the people watching them.

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