Terrible news about the barn

A private voice note to let you know about something very serious and rather devastating that's happened to the farm over the last few weeks. Thank you for all your love & support!

Part of my Farm Newsletter sent on the .

I’m gutted to report that the main barn here at the farm has burnt down.

The barn that’s home to our podcast, mum’s cattle over winter, and all of the farm’s hay and straw supplies.

It went up in a ferocious blaze and there was nothing anyone could do.

No one was seriously hurt in the incident, and thankfully most of the animals were out enjoying the fields for summer… But it was very serious, 7 fire engines attended the incident that lasted 4 days and there were some animals that couldn’t be saved in the barn.

It’s overwhelming.

It’s hard to write about, the magnitude, the drama of it all – it’s not happy news, and it doesn’t feel like a good note to leave you with this Sunday.

Your support is important to the farm – so I felt we should write to you, and let you know.

Thanks for all your support, please send any photos or happy news back via email to bring a smile to mum’s face (just hit reply)!